Air Compressor Management System – Metacentre

About Metacentre

Metacentre is the compressor and vacuum system product range of CMC NV, the world’s leading compressed air and vacuum pump controls company. Founded in 1985 CMC NV employs a team of dedicated, forward thinking, highly motivated engineers and technical specialists that offer quality products and a service that is simply unsurpassed.

Metacentre Products

Metacentre DCO 1,2,3


dco3 dco2

Identification : Kid, Metacentre DC02, DC03 & DC04Part number : Refer to Product guide / price list for specific part number or contact dealer
Product Family : Metacentre
Function : Central management control & monitoring of air / gas compressor Optional integrated control / monitoring of ancillary compressed air equipment
Definition : Narrow pressure band controller with enhanced software features & functions
Capacity : 2, 3 or 4 air / gas compressors & Metacentre ancillary product control / monitoring via optional Metacentre I/O & sensor options
Compressor connectivity : DCO Series terminal board & dedicated compressor interface or via airbus communication protocol
Supported protocol : Airbus & Modbus RTU via dedicated network gateway
Software : Pre-programmed application software, configurable via password protected operator interface
Product overview : As demand for compressed air fluctuates and as system pressure decays or increases in response to that demand, metacentre compressor management system ensure that site wide compressors and ancillary compressed air equipment are harnessed as 1 to obtain an equilibrium where efficiency, equipment utilisation and system pressure are in perfect balance. In unmanaged compressed air systems that equilibrium represents a significant energy & cost saving opportunity.

Metacentre DCO is a specialised supervisory control product designed to provide energy efficient optimised narrow pressure and priority management control of up to 4 air / gas compressors operating in a common compressed air / gas system. Each DCO kit is provided with a quantity of compressor interface PCB’s (mi-PCB) and a 4-20mA / 0-16 bar pressure sensor.



Metacentre P4


  • Table technology (3)
  • Intelligent pre-fill
  • Real time clock
  • Pressure scheduler
  • Menu configurable I/O

for more advanced fine tuning!



Metacentre SX

  • For the larger compressor house
  • up to 12 compressors
  • Intelligent pre-fill
  • “Energy control” soft algorithm
  • Multi VSD aware
  • Fascia Mounted status indication
  • Menu configurable I/O



 Metacentre XC

  • Our flagship panel
  • Up to 24 Compressors
  • Multi location “Zone control”
  • Remote pressure balance
  • Ancillary equipment start feature
  • Dedicated feature selectable I/O :
    8 x digital inputs
    4 x digital outputs
    10 x replay outputs
  • And add up to 6 I/O modules 

Multilocation “Zone Control” & Remote “pressure balance”



Metacentre SX & XC Expansion


  • Add local direct connect (iPCB)
    +2 iX modules for SX
    +3 iX modules for XC
  • Locate up to 10M from SX / XC



EX Module (Metacentre XC only)

  • Add 2 “direct connect” hardwire, iPCB interface terminals for use with up to 2 remote compressors
  • Connectivity up to 1500M from Metacemtre XC
  • Additional I/O with EX:
    – 1 remote pressure analogue input
    – 2 further analogue inputs for compressor pressure
    – Configuration option for use of all 3
    – Additional dedicated I/O fetaures / functions



DX Module (Metacentre SX & XC)

  • Group 2 adjacent air compressors together as a single coherent unit.
  • Combine two similar capacity compressors together to form a three-step variable output group acting as a single coherent variable output unit.
  • Manipulate 2 different capacity compressors providing demand matched control and sequence to form a single “Group”



VSD Module (mA & Vo)

  • Connectivity of VSD compressors (without Airmaster controller) to the Metacentre SX or XC
  • 2 versions :
    mA or Vo (depending on type of pressure sensor) Manipulates delivery & internal pressure reference simultaniously



CX Module

  • Connectivity of variable flow compressors (such as “spiral valve” and “3 or 4 way poppet valve” delivery manifold regulation systems) and 3 (0% – 50% – 100%) or 5 (0% – 25% – 50% – 75% – 100%) step piston compressors to the Metacentre SX or XC



Metacentre I/O Modules

  • Featuring a backlit LCD operator display and interface
  • Controlling a ancillry compressed air equipment and monitoring filters, drains, pressure, dewpoint, temperature, flow, power, vibration
  • I/O count :- 6 selectable single function relay outputs
    – 8 selectable single function digital inputs
    – 1 defined “fault inhibit” digital input
    – 4 selectable single function analogue inputs
    – 1 defined “control pressure” analogue input



Metacentre TX

  • TCP/IP Communication / visualization
  • MODBUS RTU Communication
  • Internal memory of 4 GB
  • Able to send E-mail and SMS messages


Metacentre Software

Enersoft – analysis


Enersoft – Pro


Enersoft – PC Visualisation


Enersoft – System status monitoring


Enersoft – Instrument monitoring


Enersoft – Service management


Enersoft – Flash report


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