S505 Portable Dew Point

S 505 portable dew point sensor

With the S 505 SUTO-iTEC has combined next generation measurement technology with modern user interface design. The experienced user knows that dew point measurement also requires the measurement of line pressure (according to ISO 8573), since dew point is pressure dependent. With the S 505 the line pressure is measured in combination with the dew point, so the user can be confident that the calculation is accurate and free from human error.

S 505 comes with two sensor units: Sensor A uses the new QCM technology which provides fast and accurate measurement results at dew points below –30 ºC down to –100 ºC. Sensor B is for high moisture applications from -50 ºC … +50 ºC where the SUTO-iTEC polymer sensor is more suitable. Both sensors can be easily exchanged.

Additional features unique to the S 505 include:

1. A modern, state of the art graphical user interface with touch screen functions for ease of operation similar to modern smart phones.

2. The data logger can record as many as 100 million values which are stored on a flash card. The card can be removed for fast transportation of the recorded information to your PC, or alternatively the information can be transferred or read via USB or Bluetooth®.

3. Using a portable printer on-site printouts can be created showing the measured values, location and date/time. Of course these values can be stored as well for report generation in your office.

4. S 505 comes in a robust transport casing including measuring chamber, battery charger, USB cable and a Teflon® hose allowing for quick connection to the compressed air system and immediate measurements.


Product features

  • Measures dew point, temperature and pressure (all in one instrument)
  • 3 sensor solutions available:
    A: -100 … -30 ºC sensor for trace moisture applications
    B: -50 … +50 ºC sensor for standard applications
    A+B: covering the full range of dew point measurement
  • Modern color touch screen interface
  • Data logger, USB interface, Bluetooth connection to portable printer
  • Measuring / parking chamber for fast sensor response
  • Application software included


Technical data

Measuring range Sensor A: -100 … –30 ºC
Sensor B: -50 … + 50 ºC
Pressure: -0.1 … 1.5 MPa
Temperature: -30 … +50 ºC
Accuracy Dew point: ± 2 °Ctd @ -50 °C
Pressure: ± 0.005 MPa
Temperature: ± 0.3 °C
(Stated uncertainty at: Ambient / process temperature of 23 °C ± 3 °C and ambient humidity of <90%, no condensation)
Measured gas Non-corrosive gases
Ambient conditions Ambient temp.: 0 … +50 °C
Storage temp.: -40 … +65 °C
Ambient humidity: < 90%, no condensation
EMC: IEC / EN 61326
Response time t90 -50 —> -10 °Ctd: < 10 seconds
-10 —> -50 °Ctd: < 5 minutes
Charger / battery USB charger: 5V, 2A
Battery life: 6 hours
Charging time: 4 h
Data logger Memory size: 4 G
Medium: SD card