S110 Power

SUTO-iTEC Power Meter S 110

The Power Meters are designed for easy installation and high accuracy. It measures the actual power consumption in kW and accumulates the Energy consumption in kWh of  a 3-phase load. Additionally other measured parameters such as current, voltage, cos phi etc are available as well. Through 3 clamp sensors the current is sensed. Hat rail, wall mountable and portable versions are available.



In above illustration a power meter is installed directly into the  connection box of the compressor. The current clamps can be easily fixed with fasteners around the supply wires. The voltage connection can be drawn from other available connection points. A separate cable connects the SUTO-iTEC power meter to the S 330/331 with Modbus/RTU and 24 VDC power supply. The power meter could also be installed into the connection cabinet where the power supply for the compressor is coming from. If no hat rail mounting is available, there is a wall mountable version of the SUTO-iTEC power meter.

Current clamp sensor(right), easy snap on to isolated conductors


Product features

  • Actual power consumption in kW and kWh
  • Hat rail, wall casing or portable version available
  • Power range up to 690 kW
  • Three clamp sensor models 200 A, 500 A and 1000A for highly accurate measurement


Technical data

Nominal voltage (L-N, L-L) 277 / 480 VAC
Clamp sensor input range 0…1 A
Available clamp sensors 200 A, 500 A, 1000 A
Power range Up to  690 kW (depending on clamp sensor)
Accuracy Voltage: 0.2%
Current:  0.5%
Clamp:   class 1
Energy:  class 0.5
Output Modbus/RTU
Supply 24 V DC / 4 W
Operating Temperature -5…+55°C
Dimensions hat rail version: 110x90x31mm
wall version:      190x155x85mm
Portable:           177x177x60mm