Accessory for display

Accessories for Display

Accessories Order No. Description Application
A554 0013 RS-485 / Ethernet gateway
– Modbus/RTU
– Modbus TCP
Converts RS485 physical layer to Ethernet and RTU protocol to Modbus TCP protocol.
A554 0011 RS-485 Repeater A repeater is used whenever the bus length of RS-485 exceeds 500 m. After every 500 m of cable distance a repeater is recommended.
  A554 0331 RS-485 / USB converter This converter brings RS-485 to the USB port of the PC
A554 0031 Current meter, 0-20 mA, 8 channels, Modbus/RTU For connecting up to 8 sensors with 0 – 20 mA signal via RS-485 to S 330/ S 331
A554 0032 Pulse meter, 7 channels, Modbus/RTU For connection up to 7 sensors with pulse output signal via RS-485 to S 330/ S 331